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The Skripal Affair and the Problem of Russia

  A few nights ago on the BBC the Russia expert Andrei Illarionov, once a Putin confederate and now at Washington’s Cato Institute, was asked about Britain’s best response to the latest attempt to murder Russian state enemies on British … Continue reading

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Tony Blair: Idealist, Liberal or just Confused?

People fell in love with Tony Blair when he was elected Labour Prime Minister in May 1997.  Ten years later they hated him. Parliament had been lied to over the Iraq war. There never were convincing reasons to believe Iraqi … Continue reading

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A Moment in Russian Self-Perception

At the Prague Press Forum, May 12-14 2013, Russian journalist Maria Eismont took questions about the situation of the Russian media, whose independence many in the West consider compromised by the Putin regime. She wasn’t willing to give a structured … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Relationship with England: is marriage the right metaphor?

My knowledge of Scotland is confined to a couple of cross-country visits nearly twenty years ago, and some imaginings for my most recent novel, Anyone’s Game. On one actual visit to the west coast I concluded the food and the … Continue reading

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Brave New World and a Suicide

Aldous Huxley’s 1932 classic Brave New World is a satire on a world that has banished tragedy. A totalitarian state has imposed ‘social stability’ on an England with a mixture of relaxing drugs, somatic stimuli and official Voices cajoling and … Continue reading

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