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50 Years since Vaclav Havel’s The Garden Party

Vaclav Havel‘s first full-length play The Garden Party was on at two Prague theatres in December 2013 to commemorate the arrival fifty years ago of a homegrown theatre of the absurd on the Czech stage. I caught the one by … Continue reading

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From deckchairs to Google Glass

Czecho  (aka The Czech Republic) is a small, highly cultured, enterprising and design-conscious country and I generally like what I see (outside of the politics). It’s a way of life that’s mostly familiar, mine, and yet not. Some features of … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Relationship with England: is marriage the right metaphor?

My knowledge of Scotland is confined to a couple of cross-country visits nearly twenty years ago, and some imaginings for my most recent novel, Anyone’s Game. On one actual visit to the west coast I concluded the food and the … Continue reading

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